Links: a guide

So I’ve been sitting here adding links as they come to me and I guess I’ve decided I have to establish a few guidelines in order not to have a blogroll that’s a mile long. So here are the criteria for those of you who might be curious:

Get Active: This area is pretty much for local events only,  therefore I will only post links to groups/organizations which are active in the Chicago area, with the exception of Vegan Outreach because I think they have a lot of valuable information to offer, especially under the nutrition section.

Restaurants: These are all restaurants within the city limits which have a sizable portion of their menu devoted to vegan options.  I do visit restaurants within the suburbs from time to time, as well as restaurants which might only have a couple of vegan options and I’ll probably review a few of them on here. When I do, I’ll include links in the post in which they are mentioned (if there are any).

Vegan Products: While Chicago is home to a lot of good vegan food companies, as far as I know our city lacks 100% cruelty free clothing stores like New York’s Moo Shoes, so I’ve included the places I like to visit online when I can’t find what I’m looking for at local stores.

If there are any places I’ve missed which you think should absolutely be included under any of these categories please post them in the comments section.


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