Customized Cookie Tin #2

I made another customized cookie tin for my  friend Lisa R. Once again using a Container Store tin, this time I decorated it instead of Nick, though. I used a stencil of a snowflake I pulled from the internet, a sheet of white cardstock, a sheet of cardboard, a pen/utility knife, some sandpaper, a little tape and white and blue spray paint and here’s what I got:

Customized Cookie Tin #2

Step 1:

Rub the lid of the tin in a circular motion with the sandpaper until the whole surface is scratched up. Wipe off dust with a damp cloth and set aside. This will help the paint stick.

Step 2:

Find a stencil of what you’d like to put on your tin. I used a snowflake stencil from here. Print the stencil out and copy it onto your cardstock. Once you’ve copied it, place the cardstock on the cardboard so you don’t damage your work surface while cutting. Use the pen/utility knife to cut out the inside of the design. Center the design on your lid and use tape to adhere the stencil to the lid. Make sure to leave a little bit of paper hanging off around the edges of your lid so you don’t accidentally paint the sides of the lid.

Step 2

Step 3:

Shake the spray paint colors of your choice according to the directions on the bottle. I spray painted these outside in 20 F  weather. If you don’t want to spray paint inside of your house it is possible to do so when it’s cold out. You just need to be quick. I took the lids off of the cans and shook them while I was still inside. When they were ready to go I took the lid outside and put on one coat of each color. I used white first and then blue, though Nick pointed out that if you use the darker color first you it will create more contrast between the lid and the design. As soon as I was done applying the paint I brought everything back inside and placed the lid in a sunny spot to dry. I let it dry for about twenty minutes before I went outside and applied a second coat of both colors. If you’re not sure if it’s dry touch the paper stencil with your finger. If it’s still sticky then wait a little while longer before applying another coat.

Step 3

Once your tin is dry you can wash it using a cloth and soapy water before you put your cookies in and give it away.

Did any of you make any cool cookie tins this holiday season?

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