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Yet Another Vegan Friendly Option in Logan Square!

Last night Revolution Brewing Company opened it’s doors in Logan Square. Revolution is owned by one of the owner’s of Handlebar in Wicker Park and a quick glance at the menu indicates they offer some vegan options, though not nearly as many as Handlebar, but something is always better than nothing!

Here are the details:
Revolution Brewing Co.
2323 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL
Hours: 11am-2am

Good news!

Life on Mars (2910 W. Armitage Ave), a new vegan restaurant, is set to open it’s doors sometime in February. According to Dave Dandelion over at Vegan Chicago it will carry soy shakes, smoothies, tea, sandwiches and baked goods.

Special thanks to Ramsey from Everydaypants for giving us the heads-up!

Also, we’ve added our Google Calendar RSS feed to the sidebar. Check back often to see what’s going on or add us to your Google Calendar by searching for secondcityvegan[at]

Delicious Cafe

On Wednesday we (Drea & Lisa) went to check out Delicious Cafe (3827 N. Lincoln, Chicago – (773) 477-9840) which was recently covered by VegNews Magazine and will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary soon. The owners, Chelsea & Kevin, are vegan so all of their sweets and sandwiches are vegan! Delicious Cafe is open M-F 7am-7pm, Sat 9am-7pm and Sun 9am-4pm.


Delicious is right! I thought the place looked adorable when we walked in. It was very bright and comfortable with all their various tables, chairs, and couches. The artwork they had up was actually good to look at (unlike some other places I’ve been to lately) and they had some cute little buttons for sale at the register (some by Spencer) . There were a handful of other people chatting and using their laptops, so we picked out one of the regular dining tables where we could sit, chat easily, and eat some food. The patrons in there were very friendly, especially when I needed to ask for a chair from another table and someone needed to plug in their laptop under another person’s table.

Breakfast Sandwich

I was looking at their “BLT” originally, but they were out of the un-bacon so I went with the “Breakfast Sandwich” ($4.50) and I think I might have made the better choice. It tasted delicious with its tofu cooked like a pan-fried egg, sausage, and cashew cheese (I asked for the Ste Martaen pepperjack), all on an English muffin. I was really excited even about the Chai Latte that I had because I didn’t have to pay extra for soy milk! (They have almond and oat milk available for $0.85 as another option.) I split two chocolate cupcakes with Lisa, so technically I had one whole one. It was good, but I think there might have been a little bit of coffee in the ingredients which I’m allergic to, so I started feeling a bit off (but it was so slight I didn’t even ask about it then, next time though).

Pepperoni Melt

I was still hungry, as I usually am, so I decided to get another sandwich. I figured that would help with the possible coffee allergy intake so I went with the special sandwich of the day, the “Pepperoni Melt” ($6.25). It was basically like a grilled cheese with pepperoni and spinach on it. It was good, but nowhere near as good as my “Breakfast Sandwich”.

The only cons were that some of the sandwiches like the “Grilled Cheese” seemed a bit overpriced for just some bread and cheese, but don’t let that deter you because you can make your own sandwich for $6.50 with a lot of stuff on it. And the “Breakfast Sandwich” was a great price and although smaller, I felt it had a lot to offer.

We sat there for maybe three or four hours chatting and the time flew by. Delicious Cafe was indeed DELICIOUS and I love that they have Ste Martaen’s cheese for their sandwiches. If I lived closer to them I would probably be there almost everyday! I will definitely be back.


Like Drea, I felt that Delicious Cafe definitely lived up to its name. It had a very relaxed atmosphere and though we spent hours there I never felt like the staff was annoyed like I have at other places when I don’t leave immediately after finishing my food. In fact, the owners were very friendly!

Grilled Cheese

I ordered the hot apple cider ($3.00) which is the perfect beverage for a cold winter day if you’re not a big caffeine fan like me, a grilled cheese ($6.25) – which is made with St. Martaen’s vegan cashew cheese – and a chocolate cupcake ($2.25) – two cupcakes actually, because Drea and I split the first one and it was so good we decided to split another one.

I was a bit disappointed by my sandwich in relation to its price (for $6.25 it would be nice if a handful of chips were included or maybe a bigger pickle). The cheese was great, though! It melts nicely, has a great flavor and it’s not made from soy, which is a plus in my book, also it’s made by Chicagoans so I’ll give them a pass for keeping it local.

The cupcakes were very nicely decorated (they had a chunk of chocolate chip cookie on top of a soy cream cheese frosting) and the cake itself was moist and very chocolaty, though, like Drea, I detected a hint of bitterness which I’m assuming was coffee, so I guess they were more like mocha cupcakes than your standard plain chocolate cupcakes.


Kevin (one of the owners) told us that the makers of St. Martaen’s cheese will often contribute specials, like vegan Mac & Cheese Lasagna and vegan Pecan Pie, both of which sound amazing! I am definitely planning on going back to check out the specials and try some more baked goods very soon!

For more info. on the specials and other Delicious Cafe related news check out their Facebook fan page or follow them on Twitter:!

Things to Look Forward To –

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t get out much and when I do go out I tend to go to tried and true places, but here are a few newish places I’m looking forward to trying/visiting more frequently in the coming months:

Delicious Cafe – 3827 N. Lincoln Ave.
I found out about this place thanks to a tweet from the people who make St. Martaen’s vegan cheese. According to their menu all of their sweets are vegan. The rest of their menu appears to be vegan as well, but I’m not 100% sure.

Delisi’s Pizzeria – 5806 N. Western Ave.
My friend Mickey discovered this place a while back. From the outside it just looks like a dark little pub, but they offer Chicago style vegan pizza!

Great Taste Cafe – 355 E. Grand Ave.
Smoothies, salads, wraps, etc. between Navy Pier and Michigan Ave.

I’m also looking forward to trying out Cafe Bloom in Hyde Park (check out Drea’s post below).

Anyone know of any other places opening up in the near future or that opened their doors/added vegan items to the menu in 2009?

Reviews to come on both Delisi’s and Delicious Cafe, so stay tuned.

New Vegan Restaurant to Open in Hyde Park!

I recently heard about a new vegan restaurant that is set to open up in February in Hyde Park! Cafe Bloom!

Right now they are a vegan catering company and were spotted having some killer vegan cupcakes at the ‘Sustainable Style Sale and Soiree’ that was held last Thursday.

Their website is still under construction but you can get a little sample at

The dessert page itself looks delicious and I can’t wait to try out the amazing vegan brunch they will be having!

Thanks so much to Leanne (Vaute Couture) for letting me know about it.

Cafe Bloom
1001 E. 53rd Street
Chicago, IL 60615