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Amy’s Place – Buffalo, NY

On Thursday morning we stopped at Amy’s Place, an old favorite in, Buffalo, NY to get breakfast with Nick’s parents. Amy’s Place is a greasy spoon diner located across the street from the University of Buffalo’s south campus. Amy’s Place offers a $2 (!!) breakfast special before 9am. The $2 breakfast special is limited to a small selection of vegan and non-vegan options, but the rest of the menu includes a lot of clearly marked vegan options, like vegan french toast, sandwiches and more.

I went with the $2 breakfast menu since we made it in right before the cut off. The vegan $2 breakfast consists of lentils with broccoli, home fries and toast. For an additional $1.75 ¬†you can add seitan or tofu. I’ve added seitan in the past and you definitely get your money’s worth of it, but I felt like keeping it simple this time so I opted to skip it.
The $2 breakfast isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it is good and the fact that you can get all the food you get for $2 is what makes is special. Everything in my meal was cooked just right – not too oily and not too dry.

$2 Breakfast


As a native Buffalonian Amy’s Place has a special place in my heart. Every time I roll through Buffalo I make a point to pop in. Back in the day my friends and I filtered in for what was back in then the $1.00 breakfast. In those days if you asked for it vegan all you got was a double helping of potatoes and a few slices of dry toast, but it was only $1.00, so why wouldn’t you order it? Eventually some of my friends who lived in the University Heights neighborhood became known regulars with sandwiches named after them (I recommend dropping by for the Biff Sandwich) or ended up on the staff. Needless to say, its the type of restaurant where I’m guaranteed to run into someone I know every time I stop in which gives me a particular bias. I love going there, its as simple as that. Fast forward to today’s Amy Place, and the new and improved $2.00 Breakfast Special (formerly the $1.00 Breakfast Special). The $2.00 breakfast consists of a Lentil Broccoli Hash, Country Style Potatoes, and Toast with Vegan Margarine. For $2.00 it is plenty filling and for $1.75 more you can add Tofu or Seitan. In Chicago, where you would pay $7.00 for a meal like this at a place like Flying Saucer, you would likely walk away disappointed. This is not a mind blowing meal, but our sense of value puts everything on a sliding scale. When you take this meal out of the $7.00 price range and it’s suddenly $2.00 – the need to be mind blowing is taken out of the equation. I can’t think of anywhere else in the country where I can get a full vegan meal for $2.00. Factor in being able to enjoy that meal with friends or on a whim and it takes that feeling of value to the next level. After 9AM there are plenty of great options at Amy’s Place. Since they serve meat, you may want to ask prep questions if shared fryers and such weigh on your mind like they do on mine, but if you happen to be in Buffalo over night and you want an early breakfast the $2.00 Vegan Breakfast Special has to be taken advantage of. Remember, it only runs until 9AM each day; oversleep and you’ll miss out.

Amy’s Place
3234 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214