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Veggie Fest 2012 – Vegetarian Food Festival (Naperville, IL)

This weekend is the annual Veggie Fest in Naperville/Wheaton, IL. We’ve attended the last 3 years in a row to eat some delicious vegan food and check out the vendor tents. They also have speakers and live music.

Since we’ve attended multiple times now we have a routine and know the layout. The tents are roughly laid out in avenues every year with an avenue of basic vegetarian info/organizations, another with health and beauty vendors, one with spiritual information and several with food and other product vendors. We save the vendor avenues for the end after we push all the way to the back and go straight for the food court.

Every year we’ve been there the highlight is Caribbean Kitchen. Its a tent exclusive to Veggie Fest that features two types of faux fried chicken and rice. One is spicy Cajun style and the other is a more traditional breading. Both are delicious. The food vendors are constrained to a ticket system and most of the entrees are 5 tickets (each ticket is $1.00).

Caribbean Kitchen

My selections this year were a plate from Caribbean Kitchen, a falafel (which I DO NOT recommend), and Lemonade (which was just okay). Total expense: $11.00. Not bad for being filled completely. Lisa and her friends all partook in Dosas from The Art of Dosa, and from what I gather they made the right choice. Their plate included a large dosa, a cup of sambar, a couple of chutneys and some curried potatoes, all for $5 . Lisa also partook in the Caribbean chicken and got vegan ice cream from Nada Moo for dessert. As you navigate your way through the food tents make sure you look for Vegan markings on the signage that lists the ticket amounts.

The Art of Dosa

After we chowed down on (mostly) delicious food we walked around and looked at all of the vendors. This years vendors included Gardein, Earth Balance, Chicago Vegan Foods, Vega, NadaMoo, Manna Organics (which we’ve reviewed before), V-Dog, and many others. Some of the vendors were giving out samples and coupons and some had actual product to sell. Lisa stocked up on Vega powder and so did some of her friends because they jumped online with their phones to price compare and discovered they’d be saving some cash by buying at their tent. Not only did she get a discount from the retail price but they threw in a free shirt, tote bag, samples and coupons as well – not a bad deal.

Of course, this report is late in the game since day 2 has already started but it runs until 8PM, so you have 6 more hours to run over there. Admittance and parking are both free! So load your car up with some friends and go check it out.

Veggie Fest
4S 175 Naperville-Wheaton Rd, Naperville, IL