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SCV On the Road – Ft. Lauderdale

There were two restaurants that stood out while we were visiting Ft Lauderdale, Pizza Fusion and Sublime.

Pizza Fusion – 1013 N. Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 (954) 358-5353

Pizza Fusion is a small eco-friendly chain with locations both in the US and abroad. Their pizzas are all made with organic ingredients and they offer both vegan and gluten free items.
Nick and I ordered the Very Vegan which is topped with vegan cheese, crimini mushrooms, tomato sauce and garlic with the traditional crust (both the whole grain and traditional crusts can be made vegan). We got a large pizza which was more than enough for two people. The cheese wasn’t stretchy, but it did melt well, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say it wasn’t Daiya or Teese, perhaps it was Tofutti? Regardless the pizza was delicious.
If the Very Vegan isn’t your thing, you can create your own pizza with soy cheese, your choice of sauce and your choice of veggies. Pizza Fusion also offers a vegan salad, cane sugar sodas and a vegan/gluten free brownie. The service at their Ft Lauderdale location was good. The servers where friendly, informed and accommodating. So if you’re looking for good vegan pizza in Ft Lauderdale make sure you check them out. Check out their website for other locations before you plan your next trip.

Sublime – 1431 N. Federal Hwy., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304 (954) 615-1431

Sublime was my first experience with vegan fine dining. The restaurant was founded by Nanci Alexander, founder of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF). 100% of Sublime’s profits go to organizations that promote animal welfare and the vegan lifestyle.
The menu at Sublime is entirely vegan. While we were visiting they had a special going for couples that included an appetizer, two entrées and a dessert, so we made sure to take advantage.
Nick and I shared the Frito Misto as an appetizer, I had the “Steak” Sandwich with sweet potato fries as an entrée and Nick had the Broccoli Cheddar Quiche which came with a kale salad, for dessert we had the Apple Crumb Pie a la Mode. Nick’s mom, Linda, and his brother, Mark, also had the couple’s special. Mark got Black Bean and Tomato Soup as an appetizer, Sublime Picatta as his entrée and he and Linda split the Coconut Cake. Linda and Ed (Nick’s dad) got the Vegetable Platter as their entrées: bbq tofu, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and marinated cucumbers; and sweet potato fries, mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and marinated cucumbers respectively.
Everyone but me had been there before, so I let Nick pick our appetizer. The Frito Misto was amazing! It’s breaded cauliflower with a sweet chili sauce and sesame seeds. It disappeared pretty quickly since it was so good and though it was a good appetizer portion, I was left wanting more. When it came to entrées I went with what I felt was the safest option. The “Steak” in my sandwich was Gardein which has a very meaty consistency and is flavorful, but since I’ve had Gardein before I wasn’t completely blown away. The sweet potato fries, however, were cut steak style and were probably the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. Nick’s quiche made me want to try making my own quiche again, because I forgot how good quiche can be, especially with the advances that have been made on the vegan cheese front. It was made up of broccoli, garlic, shallots, tofu and cheddar “cheese” and it was a nice sized piece. I was also able to sample Mark’s soup, which was a very basic soup which we all felt required something more (either more seasonings or additional veggies like corn or peppers), as well as the almond cookie which came with his and Linda’s Coconut Cake. The almond cookie was sweet, crunchy and divine and made me want to try every dessert on the menu. When it came to my dessert I went with the safest option once again. The Apple Crumb Pie had currants in it which made it better than basic apple pie and it came with just the right amount of ice cream.
Everyone in our dining party was satisfied with their meals. Mark said his Sublime Picatta made with Gardein was so delicious he preferred it to traditional veal picatta and both Linda and Ed were happy with their vegetable platters, as the asparagus was large but properly cooked, however, Ed did mention that the marinated cucumbers could have used a little more marinating time because the ones towards the bottom of the bowl were better than the ones at the top.
Finally the service at Sublime is exceptional. Our waiter was well informed, he was willing to answer questions and he engaged us every time he visited our table. He made sure out drinks were never empty and that we had everything we needed. He was also rather entertaining as he was a bit dramatic and had an odd sense of humor (at one point he made a Hannibal Lecter joke).

I’m looking forward to visiting Sublime again and trying something new!

Sublime is a busy and popular place and despite it’s large size, we had to wait about half an hour for a table, so I recommend making a reservation if you want to dine there. You should also check out their book section by the host/hostess station which includes the Sublime Cookbook, as well as other vegan cookbooks and animal rights books.

More Vegan Eats in Chicago?!?

Apparently La Fontanella Italian Restaurant (2414 S Oakley Ave, Chicago, IL) is looking to add an all vegan menu to their existing menu and they are hosting a vegan dinner next Wednesday, July 21 at 7pm to gauge interest, so if you want more vegan eats in Chicago/ want to have input on such things RSVP by Sunday, July 18th to the Facebook Event (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=137385559612835) so Dan can give the owners a head count.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to the dinner due to work. If you’re in the same boat you should contact the people at La Fontanella to show them your support!

Under Construction

Since there are so many vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in our lovely city, I’ve decided to list them on their own page/tab, as opposed to the sidebar.

If you know of any places that you feel MUST be added or if you have any suggestions for other info I should add, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Also, if enough of you want a listing of vegan friendly places in the immediate suburbs I’d be willing to put one up as well. What do you think?

Yet Another Vegan Friendly Option in Logan Square!

Last night Revolution Brewing Company opened it’s doors in Logan Square. Revolution is owned by one of the owner’s of Handlebar in Wicker Park and a quick glance at the menu indicates they offer some vegan options, though not nearly as many as Handlebar, but something is always better than nothing!

Here are the details:
Revolution Brewing Co.
2323 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL
Hours: 11am-2am

Good news!

Life on Mars (2910 W. Armitage Ave), a new vegan restaurant, is set to open it’s doors sometime in February. According to Dave Dandelion over at Vegan Chicago it will carry soy shakes, smoothies, tea, sandwiches and baked goods.

Special thanks to Ramsey from Everydaypants for giving us the heads-up!

Also, we’ve added our Google Calendar RSS feed to the sidebar. Check back often to see what’s going on or add us to your Google Calendar by searching for secondcityvegan[at]gmail.com.

Things to Look Forward To –

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t get out much and when I do go out I tend to go to tried and true places, but here are a few newish places I’m looking forward to trying/visiting more frequently in the coming months:

Delicious Cafe – 3827 N. Lincoln Ave.
I found out about this place thanks to a tweet from the people who make St. Martaen’s vegan cheese. According to their menu all of their sweets are vegan. The rest of their menu appears to be vegan as well, but I’m not 100% sure.

Delisi’s Pizzeria – 5806 N. Western Ave.
My friend Mickey discovered this place a while back. From the outside it just looks like a dark little pub, but they offer Chicago style vegan pizza!

Great Taste Cafe – 355 E. Grand Ave.
Smoothies, salads, wraps, etc. between Navy Pier and Michigan Ave.

I’m also looking forward to trying out Cafe Bloom in Hyde Park (check out Drea’s post below).

Anyone know of any other places opening up in the near future or that opened their doors/added vegan items to the menu in 2009?

Reviews to come on both Delisi’s and Delicious Cafe, so stay tuned.

Links: a guide

So I’ve been sitting here adding links as they come to me and I guess I’ve decided I have to establish a few guidelines in order not to have a blogroll that’s a mile long. So here are the criteria for those of you who might be curious:

Get Active: This area is pretty much for local events only,  therefore I will only post links to groups/organizations which are active in the Chicago area, with the exception of Vegan Outreach because I think they have a lot of valuable information to offer, especially under the nutrition section.

Restaurants: These are all restaurants within the city limits which have a sizable portion of their menu devoted to vegan options.  I do visit restaurants within the suburbs from time to time, as well as restaurants which might only have a couple of vegan options and I’ll probably review a few of them on here. When I do, I’ll include links in the post in which they are mentioned (if there are any).

Vegan Products: While Chicago is home to a lot of good vegan food companies, as far as I know our city lacks 100% cruelty free clothing stores like New York’s Moo Shoes, so I’ve included the places I like to visit online when I can’t find what I’m looking for at local stores.

If there are any places I’ve missed which you think should absolutely be included under any of these categories please post them in the comments section.